We're Ready to Unveil
Your Online Identity

Meet with a Web Consultant

One of our consultants will meet with you in person to get familiar with your company and discuss what we can do for you. You will get an overview of our capabilities and how we can tailor our web development services specifically for your Toronto company. We'll explain how Vestra Inet can increase your online presence, attract more clientele, and facilitate your business operations and transactions through our customized content management system software.
Web Development
Tailored to Your Needs

Analysis and Planning

We don't work off a pre-existing plan - we customize every project to your specific needs. Our experts will work with you to evaluate your business' current website, and determine where your company stands in the online market. We rank you against your competition, and draw up a comprehensive solution that addresses all the necessary issues. We create a specialized marketing campaign that makes your business stand out among the competition.
Make Your
Stand Out

Corporate Web Development

The internet is the #1 resource for information across the globe. Your website needs to have a strong online image - it will be the first impression for many of your clients. With our strong team of professional web developers working out of our Toronto office, we're ready to employ the techniques we've come to be known for. The key to online success is visually engaging websites, with user friendly interfaces - these two key aspects are what our web developers put all their energies into, and they've become veterans in the business. All our websites are hand-made, and begin with your business' vision. We have in-house photographers and writers who will work alongside you to bring your products to life on your customized website.

We Make It Look
Easy, But We're
Campaigning Hard

Online Marketing Campaigns

Having a good and functional website isn't enough. Your website needs to appear on search engines in order for potential clients to find you. Our SEO experts are both trained and experienced in increasing your online search engine rankings by customizing and applying a variety of SEO tools. By optimizing both your website and website content, the searchability of your website on the biggest search engines will increase, bringing more traffic and potential clients to your website. This is what makes us a leading expert for SEO in Toronto.

Website Management
Made Simple

Customer and Resource Management Software

Ecommerce, contrary to popular belief, does not only apply to online transactions. It refers to any business conducted online. For this reason, we make it easy by combining all website features and administration into one system. Our Toronto web developers combine custom ERP (enterprise resource planning), content management systems, inventory, accounting, resource management and even order placement all under one system for easy access and convenience. This will allow for immediate website updates, business management and customer tracking.

We'll Keep You in the Loop

Detailed Performance Reports

Vestra Inet likes to maintain strong professional relationships by keeping in touch with clients and touching base every month. Part of our services includes full monthly reports of your website’s standings on all large search engines. Throughout your SEO campaign, you will receive regular updates on your keyword rankings as well as an overview of how your website has been progressing. This will help you both monitor your improvements as well as stay up to date with the latest changes.